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    1. Careers that require two years of college that I would like to try include: *

    2. Trades that require technical school or an apprenticeship that I am interested in are:*

    3. Professions that require 4 or more years of college that I would like to try include:*

    4. The following tips could help me do better at school (ACCOMMODATIONS): *

    5. Skills that are hard for me at school include: *

    6. The types of education and training I want to try after high school are: *

    7. Some of the next steps I need to take to be able to go to college or training after high school include:*

    8. Classes I need to take in high school to meet my future career and post-secondary goals include:*

    9. On a scale of (1) to (10), [ten important] how important is it to you to go on for more training or education? *

    10. On a scale of (1) to (10), [ten confident] how confident are you that you have the ability to go on to more training or education? *