About Us

Why choose MyChoicesMyPlan?

MyChoicesMyPlan was designed with the simple idea of making Person Centered Planning easier for everyone involved. We took a sliver of the problem and added a technology twist to solve it. We took a complicated process, simplified it, and figured out a way to package it in a manner that works for all.

MyChoicesMyPlan was originally developed as the student workbook: “The One Hour Life Plan” in 1996. In 2008 the process began to turn the workbook into an easy to use web based program. Content was researched and developed by Steven M. Benson M.S. with a history of working in the following capacities: Rehabilitation Counselor, Vocational Evaluator, Wilderness Therapy Instructor and Transition Counselor. Compliance and Quality Assurance: Thomas Bott M.A. who works as Special Education Teacher, Case-manager and Work Experience Coordinator. Founder Steven Benson and contributor Thomas Bott have a combined 50 years of experience in education, case-management, counseling, transition planning, public and private vocational rehabilitation.

Choose MyChoicesMyPlan

Thoughtful planning will result in a better future. Good planning will help organize thinking and help create a future that was actively chosen. Planning will save time, money and energy. Planning helps avoid confusion and prevents mistakes.

Our Vision


Our Values

Provide more value to our users and customers than we get in dollars. We know from experience that each dollar spent is a dollar taken away from purchasing other quality goods and services for students.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you and your students/clients develop the best possible plans for life after high school. We also strive to relieve Teachers, Case Managers and Counselors of the many burdens related to making quality plans for life.

Our Goals

  • Help alleviate the enormous burdens in a disorganized process.
  • Help create the best IEPs, Person Centered Plans, Transition Plans, Individual Learning Plans possible.
  • Provide outstanding service.
  • Help students, teachers, schools, school districts and employment agencies succeed.
  • Increase the efficacy of Person Centered Planning.


Our Strategic Plan

Do things!

Our Policy and Procedure Manual (summed up in one sentence)

All employees must use their best judgment at all times.

Our Promise

MyChoicesMyPlan will help:

  • Give you a direction.
  • Create desirable outcomes.
  • Identify employment goals.
  • Focus your attention on goals and identify action steps to attain them.
  • Guide your decision making year after year.
  • Establish accountability to reaching goals.
  • Monitor progress and meet timelines.
  • Prioritize your steps to get results and obtain your goals.
  • Keep the planning process disciplined.

MyChoicesMyPlan removes the pain from planning and provides Relief. Contact us and we will arrange a free week of full access for you to test MyChoicesMyPlan. See if it works for you in your environment. This kind of help is scarce. The help we offer is to a very specific niche market. MyChoicesMyPlan has a monopoly on this life planning software and service. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We don’t take a penny until you are satisfied. Easy to try, easy to buy.

Workable Assessments is the home of MyChoicesMyPlan.  We are rooted and grounded in Duluth, Minnesota.